Abrio Health is all about encouraging
HEALTHY LIFESTYLES and inspiring our
community’s day to day interactions and
developments for BETTER HEALTH.

Becoming Canada's
Healthiest Community

A healthy community culture where health =
Physical + Mental + Psychosocial health


Our ultimate goal?
To support you in maintaining and furthering your health:
physical, mental, and spiritual – before you need health care...

Becoming Canada's
Healthiest Community

Abrio Health will enable
lifestyle opportunities, influence a healthy environment,
and connect the dots to enable positive impact on
your health and well-being.


Outcomes & Shared Benefits:
- Community Engagement
- Improved Well-Being
- Improved Health Outcomes
- Resource Utilization and Efficiency
- Economic Benefits

the “post-covid” path ahead...

2020 has brought many changes to Alberta communities. Abriohealth remains committed to a sustainable future for health and healthcare, anchored in community collaborations and partnerships for change.

The path forward for Abriohealth is changing. We have so many accomplishments to celebrate, and we also understand that the current environment is impacting what is possible for individuals, businesses and partner organizations.

While Abriohealth’s active programs and operations are suspended, we will continue to support our partners as they pursue community initiatives and to advocate for community health and sustainability.

Did you know you can control 75% of your health?

Abrio Health is a new way of thinking about your health – one that puts you in the driver’s seat. More than 75% of your health is unrelated to health care practitioners and hospitals.

We are catalysts. Drawing strength from our pioneer roots, Airdrie is blazing a trail to a place where “health” means more than our physical wellbeing – a movement we call Abrio. It’s where people, resources, and services connect in a jumble of life, equipping us to thrive within our own definition of health and happiness.

Health Care System25%
Biology and Genetics10%
Physical Environment15%
Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)50%

This is the call to action:

Get at health, and by extension, reduce people’s need for “sick care” and the ever-increasing costs of healthcare services.

UNLEASHING INNOVATION: Excellent Healthcare for Canada (Naylor 2015)...

“Because our mandate was healthcare and that in itself was overwhelming, we did not delve into broad determinants of health or strategies for community-wide health promotion. However, readers will note that our recommendations point strongly towards empowering patients with their own health information, and towards modes of reorganizing healthcare systems to put much greater emphasis on keeping Canadians as healthy as possible, including better integration of healthcare and social services.”
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