About Abrio Health

Abrio Health is a new way of thinking about your health – one that puts you in the driver’s seat. More than 75% of your health is unrelated to health care practitioners and hospitals. We are catalysts. Drawing strength from our pioneer roots, Airdrie is blazing a trail to a place where “health” means more than our physical wellbeing – a movement we call Abrio. It’s where people, resources, and services connect in a jumble of life, equipping us to thrive within our own definition of health and happiness.

Created for Airdrie by people who live here, Abrio Health is a movement that facilitates local solutions for our unique health challenges. Our ultimate goal? To support you in maintaining and furthering your health – physical, mental, and spiritual – before you need health care.

Abrio Health is all about encouraging healthy lifestyles and inspiring our community’s day to day interactions and developments for better health. To do that, we’re supporting coordination and collaboration of existing services, developing programs, engaging the community to encourage healthy living, planning new facilities, and seeking better ways of doing things.

The idea of Abrio Health has existed for some time. It was formerly known as the Airdrie & Area Health Cooperative (AAHC) – a team of community members, professionals, and medical practitioners working together to make Airdrie Canada’s healthiest community.

Abrio Health will enable lifestyle opportunities, influence a healthy environment, and connect the dots to enable positive impact on your health and well-being. Together, we’ll encourage walkable neighbourhoods and healthier food choices to positive social relationships and access to services and supports for mental health maintenance. Abrio Health takes a holistic approach to health.

Our Team

Mark Seland
Stacey Lush

How can I get involved with Abrio Health?

As we continue to move forward on the plans, we will develop community engagement and consultation opportunities in each of the areas reported. Perhaps the most extensive of these will be the community-wide Blue Zones collaborative.

To find out what we’re up to next visit our Facebook page. You can also become involved with Abrio as a volunteer. Send us a note at abrio@abriohealth.ca and ask to be added to our volunteer database.

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