Founding Contributors

Abrio Health (formerly known as the Airdrie & Area Health Cooperative or AAHC) was founded in 2016 by members of the greater Airdrie community and works in partnership with our municipalities, the provincial government, and other health related not-for-profits. We’re grateful to our initial founding contributors for seeing the potential of a future community that is healthy and prosperous. Their donations have made our work (thus far) possible:

Stan and Jane Grad
Cam Clark
Ron and Irene Hanson
"We think this format will significantly improve health prevention and save Alberta Health Services considerable money"
Kim and Kim Titus
The City of Airdrie
Anonymous Donor
Robert and Norma Bilben
Don and Roxane Bell
David Bisset
"The future of effective health services requires new thinking in integrating all the necessary elements. The Health Cooperative looks like a great concept"
Energy Equine
Mike and Val Graham
"We are supporting this initiative because we think it is a great way to deliver healthcare and overall community well-being"
Vada Capital
Danny Hansen
Wayne and Carol Ham
"We believe there is a huge need for more health services in Airdrie & Area and have donated to help keep this project moving forward"
Vesta Properties
Dr. Robert Bertram and Georgina Church
"The mission of today’s Airdrie and Area Health Cooperative is to improve the health of Airdrie and area residents.”
Max Fiander
The Hamilton Family
Al Jones, Here’s the Scoop
Calgary Foundation
"Calgary Foundation is honoured to support the Airdrie Blue Zones Collaborative. We view this as a significant opportunity to enable positive change within our health and heath care systems. The project aligns with our vision ‘To build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs and where citizens are engaged in community building at all levels" (quote from Eva Friesen, CEO)
In memory of Stan McArthur
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