Community Health Plan

The second Community Health Plan (Abrio Health 2019) recommitted to the vision with a more complete description of the desired future:

Vision: Own Our Own Health, Becoming Canada's Healthiest Community


Mission: A healthy community culture where health = physical + mental + psychosocial health

Where we connect health and health care efforts, where social determinants of health matter, and where individuals can own their own health.

Outcomes & Shared Benefits

- Community Engagement
- Well-being
- Health Outcomes
- Efficiency and Resource Utilization
- Economic Benefits

Abrio Health Experiential Insights

We have moved from planning by the organization and bringing plans to the community to being community driven (from/with/by the community). At the same time, individuals and organizations are busy with their own work; potential collaborative projects have been perceived as getting in the way of their own priorities or mandates. This is changing with time as the community’s aspirations and opportunities become clearer but requires consistent engagement, shared learning, striving for mutual value, and time to build /rebuild relationships and trust.
Community Aspirations for Health
Discussion over four years created focus, increasing trust and community readiness for change.
  • The Vision, “Own our own health, becoming Canada’s Healthiest Community”, mobilized initial action and is now tangible as Canada’s first Certified Blue Zones Community.
  • The Mission is informing our language and work.
  • Outcomes informed the choice of Blue Zones Project, with its ability to bring meaning to shared benefits.

Abrio Health Healthy Communities Development Cycle

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