There’s something DIFFERENT happening in Airdrie and area.
A fresh, vigorous energy is sweeping over the Prairie like a spring breeze, stirring

up the old and the new as it rushes into the heart of our community.

Drawing strength from our pioneer roots, our community is blazing a trail to a place where everyone has an opportunity to flourish and grow – a movement we call Abrio.

Abrio is where “healthy” means more than our physical wellbeing. It extends to our minds, spirits, and our environment, too.

It’s where opportunities for fulfillment, activity, and connection happen naturally within our daily lives. Where people, resources, and services combine in an organic jumble of life, giving us the tools to create our own version of health and happiness.

And as we thrive,

  • so does our city, making Airdrie Canada’s Healthiest Community.

  • so do our rural neighbors, sharing in new learning, resources and systems.

  • so do others beyond our boundaries who can learn from what we find and collaborate with us to create results we could not achieve ourselves.

    Abrio. Own your own health.

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