Health Leaders Council

The Health Leaders Council provides the leadership and oversight of the overall community health plan, an instrumental part of becoming Canada’s Healthiest Community.

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Our History

The Health Leaders Council formerly known as the Partnership Committee, was founded in 2017. Seventeen members met monthly to champion a shared vision and mission and unique opportunities by enhancing understanding of the connections within the community, facilitating the engagement of citizens and organizations to get involved with AAHBC and identifying opportunities to leverage community/partnership capabilities and initiatives through the unique opportunities for community-based coordination, synergies and innovation in service delivery models

The Health Council has since evolved, twenty-four community citizens representing organizations continue to provide linkages and accountability to the community. This council operates as an advisory committee providing thought leadership, input, feedback, and contributions to the connectivity of health efforts, services, and systems to help implement strategies and develop initiatives advancing our future as a healthy community. These citizens and organizations are champions at informing, innovating, integrating impact-focused community messages.


Chair – Marlene Raasok, Abrio Health
  • Dr. Avneet Brar, ACAP
  • Brenda Hume, Community Links
  • Cara Dore, Bow Valley College
  • Chris Pawluk, Rocky View School Division
  • Dave Jackson, Abrio Health
  • Dave Maffit, Volunteer Airdrie
  • Dr. Del Castillo, AHS
  • Denise Melrose, Pharmacist
Co-Chair- Rhonda Bollum, Abrio Health
  • Dirk Bannister, Community Links
  • Doug Rothfus, Over 50 Club
  • Dulcie Herdsman, Victory Church
  • Dr. Jonna McQuade, Acupuncturist
  • Lori McRitchie, Airdrie Food Bank
  • Mark Seland, Abrio Health
  • Nick Thain, AHS
  • Paul Schultz, City of Airdrie
  • Shelley Bitz, Airdrie Chamber of Commerce
  • Stacey Lush, Abrio Health
  • Dr. Tammy McKnight, HPCN
  • Dr. Wes Jackson, Physician
  • 403.960.0600
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